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Caprese Salad

Ever wondered why we love basil so much? Well, it is not only delicious, but also makes you happy! Combined with tomato, Meltme cheese and olives, this is vegan Italian bliss at its best! – Team Irene’s

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  • 1.Slice the tomatoes into ¼ cm thick rounds
  • 2.Cut the Meltme block in half so you have 2 semi squares, then slice both halves into thin slices
  • 3.On a round plate, pack the tomato and Meltme slices (1 tomato, one cheese slice etc) around the edge of the plate to form a circle.
  • 4.Dress with the oil, vinegar salt and pepper.
  • 5.Now pour as much pesto as you like over the tomato and cheese ring leaving some of it showing
  • 6.Fill the open circle in the centre with olives.
  • 7.Serve as an appetiser or accompaniment to a meal.

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You'll Need:

  • 1 packet Irene’s Gourmet basil pesto
  • olives
  • olive oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • salt & Pepper to taste