Mozzarella Style Cheese – 200g

This cheese has a gentle creamy mozzarella flavour and is also melt-able.

Free from: dairy, gluten, palm oil, soy, colourants, nuts

  • Can be grated & melted
  • Ideal for toasted sandwiches
  • Delicious on pizza
  • Perfect on burgers


Product Description


Nut free formula

Ingredients: Water, vegetable oil (coconut), vegetable starch (native & modified) brown rice, amaranth, plant based stabilisers (seaweed), millet, Himalayan salt, potassium chloride, yeast extract, fibre (psyllium and or bamboo), lemon, mustard powder, olive extract, natamycin (natural preservative)

Allergens: Mustard

Gluten free

Our block cheeses are all meltable and can be used like any other cheese. They are ideal for people on a dairy-free diet, those with dairy allergies and intolerances, anyone wanting to broaden their culinary horizons and of course, for vegans.

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