Meltme Style Cheese – 200g

Our flagship “Meltme” is a creamy, nut-based cheese with a gentle flavour that will satisfy any cheese craving!

Free from: dairy, gluten, colourants, soy, palm oil

  • excellent for melting and grating
  • mac & cheese
  • pizza
  • caprese salad
  • cheese melts


Product Description


Ingredients: Cashew nut milk (water, cashew nuts), vegetable oil (coconut), vegetable starch (native & modified), yeast extract, plant fibre (chicory root, bamboo, psyllium) plant based stabilisers, Himalayan salt, lemon, potassium chloride, mustard powder, olive extract, natamycin (preservative)

Allergens: Cashew nuts, mustard

Gluten free

All cheeses are 100% natural and developed to satisfy any cheese craving.

Our block cheeses are all meltable and can be used like any other cheese. They are ideal for people on a dairy-free diet, those with dairy allergies and intolerances, anyone wanting to broaden their culinary horizons and of course, for vegans. 

Customer Reviews

1 review for Meltme Style Cheese – 200g

  1. 1 Reviews

    Debbie Martin (verified owner)

    Couldn’t stop eating it straight out of the packaging! Great flavour.

    • Marketing

      Thanks Debbie! We are so chuffed that you are enjoying Meltme and so grateful for your support! 🙂
      Team Irene’s

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