Natural white Himalayan salt lamp USB

This portable colour-changing USB lamp is hand-carved and can be used anywhere. It is very beneficial in a work environment, ideal for people who sit for long periods. The USB port can be used in a computer or a phone charger.

Himalayan salt products are known to be great for increasing blood flow and energy, improving mood, reducing asthma, stress and improving sleep.


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Product Description


Due to the Natural Variation in Himalayan Crystal Salt, Weight, Size, Color and Shape May Vary

White Crystalline Himalayan Salts: Himalayan USB Salt Lamp | White is usually found in the outer region of the salt mines and has its crystal shine white colour due to low iron contents and impurities making it a sought after than their more colourful counterparts. Our natural Salt Lamp comes with a rough finish, just like how it came out of the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

Contents: Himalayan USB Salt Lamp | White includes a CE market 15-watt bulb USB cord.

Health benefits: Himalaya’s, white Himalayan mineral salt has all of the same benefits as pink Himalayan salt, including health benefits such as increased serotonin, stress relief, sleep regulation, and a boost in energy all thanks to the naturally ionizing effects of this stylish table lamp.

Use of this USB: You can use these salt lamps as a USB through your computer or laptop, they can also be used with a phone charger.

Benefits: Each Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp is hand-carved to preserve its primordial energy and increase its benefits, Increase energy, Boost energy levels, Cleanse, Deodorize, and Purify Air.

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