Ball Himalayan salt lamp USB

This portable colour-changing USB lamp is hand-carved and can be used anywhere. It is very beneficial in a work environment, ideal for people who sit for long periods. The USB port can be used in a computer or a phone charger.

Himalayan salt products are known to be great for increasing blood flow and energy, improving mood, reducing asthma, stress and improving sleep.


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Due to the Natural Variation in Himalayan Crystal Salt, Weight, Size, Color and Shape May Vary

Salt lamp material specification: Himalayan USB ball Salt lamps are imported from Pakistan, made of good quality crystal rock salt and the base of Neem wood known for its durability, making the salt lamp appearance more natural.Salt lamp safety performance: Salt lamp interior has been installed on the LED Light Bulb with the USB Cord. USB Salt Lamp is in a small size. Due to the use of LED Bulbs, the surface heat is an impossible feeling of touch from the human body.

 Natural salt lamp for life: It is a glow that speaks from millions of years ago yet familiar to us. The light is in rotating rainbow colors to give a soft hue in life. USB natural salt lamp is great for offices, living rooms, hotels, or where you need a light. With the use of a USB salt lamp, Light up the whole room with pink color and carry on your working tasks too.

The features of pink color: The features of pink color: Our pink color salt lamp is suitable for people who sit for a long time. Once lit this pyramid salt lamp, the LED light will light a calming pink color. It has LED light inside, no need for you to install, great decoration for home and office, small size, saving space.

Ideal gift and home decor: This natural pink-Color Changing Salt Lamp is a calming, soothing, and cozy table lamp to light up the whole room.

Contents: Himalayan USB ball salt Lamp (Pink) includes a CE market 15-watt bulb USB cord.

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