Vital Wheat Gluten – 1kg

Vital Wheat Gluten can be an important ingredient for cake and bread bakers. It is a completely pure gluten flour that is excellent for binding and blending dough, bread or cake mixtures and pastries. Vital wheat gluten is a fantastic natural protein source found in wheat and is a powerful flour that is almost pure gluten.


Product Description


This product is made from wheat flour that has had the gluten activated during a dehydrating process which removes all other ingredients except the gluten. It has very little starch content and is a fantastic ingredient to make dough very elasticated, resulting in perfect bakes time and time again.

Vital wheat gluten is great for bread making particularly for regular flour replacements that have a low gluten content, such as rye, as it helps to increase the gluten content of the bake. It is equally as delicious used in muffins, cakes and other bakes such as tarts and pastries where you are working with yeast ingredients. You can buy vital wheat gluten online and start experimenting with homemade loaves of bread to accompany a warming bowl of soup for a tasty, nutritious and comforting meal for all the family.

Gluten flour can also be used to develop Seitan – a fantastic meat alternative. Once seitan has been made it is extremely versatile and can be made into anything – think sausages and burgers or even ‘meat’ loaf!

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