Spring – a time of joy

Spring – a time of joy

When I think about spring, the first thing that comes to my mind is the wonderfully illustrated euphoric scene in Disney’s Bambi, filled with the promise of new beginnings, new life… a scene so familiar to most of us, imprinted in our psyche.

As we get older it seems these idyllic scenes become more and more distant and we seem to forget the wonderful honesty of our emotions when watching these kinds of movies – The elation at spring time, and birth of new babies, especially Bambi, and then the heart wrenching pain and torrents of tears at the destruction of the forest and Bambi’s parents…

I am starting to feel that this planet would be in a much healthier state if it was run by children whose choices and decisions would be much gentler and based on their natural inborn love for nature and all the creatures that inhabit this planet.

For this spring, I wish that everyone would watch Bambi, to experience once again the intense emotions, the joy, the love, the excitement and the pain…

And then to glide into the unfoldment of a new season, consciously and aware of the impact of all our actions on nature and all living beings around us. To face the challenges of this changing world head on, but to always stop and smell spring, look at the sky, feel the breeze through you hair and the grass under your bare feet, and know how much we need mother nature; remaining grateful for her abundant blessings every day.

– Irene

Delicious falafel platter idea for a spring time lunch

  • Irene’s Gourmet falafels
  • Hummus (Recipe here)
  • Salad
  • Tahini sauce
  • Roast veggies
  • Krauts
  • Pitas or wraps

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