Today is world vegan day!

Today is world vegan day!

I often wonder what the world would have been like if mankind didn’t become so dependent on animal products… For one I am sure that the landscape would be different; much less worn out over grazed fields, less killing of wild animals like leopards etc that take live stock for their meals, healthier oceans. It is hard to speculate, but I do believe it would be very different.

Then also, what about the general consciousness? Would people be less blood thirsty? Possibly less wars and killing?

I have always been amazed at the different look vegans and even vegetarians have; So often when I meet people with very clear eyes and a glowing complexion they are vegan or vegetarian –that tells its own story.

I don’t believe that the masses will change overnight; in fact, I think it will take a long time for the masses to realise the realities of consuming and wearing animal products. However as the light of veganism grows, I know that it will naturally attract more and more people, and in time big changes will happen.

As our consciousness of a gentler life grows and gets stronger, so it will naturally spread and the next step of the evolution of mankind will unfold. I can see no other way, and I am sure that in a few generations people would find it hard to believe that there was a time that not everyone was vegan.

And so we must continue to change the world, each in our own way.

I do it 1 Irene’s Gourmet vegan product at a time!

Have a meaningful world vegan day!


-Irene Margolis