The Best Plant Based Burger: A Nutreats Taste Test

The Best Plant Based Burger: A Nutreats Taste Test

According to this report, the global plant based burger patty market is posed to grow by 41% between 2020 and 2024. Out of the plant based “meats”, burger patties are the most popular.

The plant based burger patty of today is a lot different to the plant based burger a decade ago. It’s no longer beans and vegetables pulsed together to form the OG veggie burgers. Plant based burgers are now being made to mimic the look, taste and feel of meat burgers.

Plant based burgers are not just for vegans and vegetarians, they’re also targeted towards reductionists – meat eaters who want to reduce their consumption of meat – too. For ethical vegans or vegetarians who may miss the taste and texture of a meat burger, plant based burgers fill that void. They’re also a convenient meal that you can keep in the freezer to remove as needed and grill up in minutes.

In LA last year we tried the Impossible Burger, one of the first plant based burgers to mimic meat. It’s not available here and so we went on a search to find the best plant based burger available locally in South Africa. When picking patties to test, the criteria was that it was marketed as a plant-based burger not a veggie burger. We tested four, of which three are locally made (arguably the better option when it comes to being environmentally conscious).

Irene’s Deluxe Burger Patty

There are a total of 15 ingredients that make up an Irene’s Deluxe Burger Patty. Of those 15, we would be able to identify all 15 if looking at them individually and have all 15 of them sitting in our pantry or fridge. They are also allergen free. Out of the plant-based burger patties tried, these were the only ones with a fully identifiable ingredient list, so much so, you would be able to recreate them at home.


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