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What is Vegan?

Vegan- Because I am the change I want to see in the world!

-Article by Irene Margolis October 2019

What is Vegan?

It is a lifestyle choice that eliminates all animal products from your diet, wardrobe and all other aspects of your life as far as possible and practical.

In dietary terms this means no meat, no fish, no chicken, no dairy & egg products – NOTHING that comes from or harms animals.

In lifestyle terms it means no leather shoes, clothing, couches etc., no silk, NOTHING that comes from or harms animals.

Being vegan is the acknowledgement that all sentient beings (animals and insects) have the right to life the same way humans have.

It is recognizing the desperate state of our Mother Earth and the HUGE contribution animal agriculture adds to her destruction: –

  • Large carbon emissions
  • Massive water usage and pollution
  • Deforestation for growing animals and feed for animals

-And then eliminating one’s contribution to this mass destruction.

It is an epiphany- sometimes sudden, sometimes slow – realizing that as an individual one can make an enormous difference towards leaving our children a livable and healthy planet.

Why do people choose to be vegan?

Choosing a vegan lifestyle can be triggered by many different things;

For some it is a health choice

  • To lower cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • To fight cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • To eliminate dairy intolerances and allergies
  • To lose weight
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Better/faster injury recovery in sport

For others it is an ethical choice

  • For the love of animals
  • To eliminate animal cruelty
  • To reduce or eliminate species extinction and habitat loss and destruction

Some do it for the planet

  • More than ½ of all the grains grown on the planet are for animal feed (livestock) – just imagine how man people that could feed….
  • Reduce deforestation
  • A vegan lifestyle uses less water to grow food
  • Less harmful greenhouse gasses
  • Less land erosion due to animal agriculture

The reason for staying vegan is often different to the reason for going vegan – e.g. you may start for health reasons; after a while you may discover that you stay vegan for the animals or health of the earth…

It is a very powerful lifestyle. It forces you to be honest about your impact on the planet, on animals etc. and then take appropriate action, be a truly responsible human being.

After a while of being vegan you undergo enormous changes in body mind and soul – your skin and eyes become clearer, your digestion lighter and easier.  You find your thinking to be more sensitive and aware of all life. Your spirit becomes lighter, in this respect I always think of religious fasts that are meant to create a quiet mind or spiritual experience – they always exclude animal products.

Being vegan is fun and easy. It opens a whole new world of culinary excitement, a true discovery of nature’s bounty.

As with any lifestyle or diet choice, being vegan can be healthy or unhealthy. Being vegan is not some kind of exclusive hippie lifestyle. Vegans enjoy all the same things everyone enjoys; they just make conscious choices to exclude anything that harms animals.

Some interesting points:

  • In the animal kingdom the oldest – tortoise, the biggest – elephant, and one of the strongest – gorilla, ARE ALL VEGAN!
  • According to research by oxford university UK being vegan is the single biggest way an individual can reduce their impact on Mother earth – far bigger than cutting down on flights or buying an electric car.


Vegan – some may think is extreme. For me, if you look at all the facts, not being vegan is extreme……

Today is world vegan day!

I often wonder what the world would have been like if mankind didn’t become so dependent on animal products… For one I am sure that the landscape would be different; much less worn out over grazed fields, less killing of wild animals like leopards etc that take live stock for their meals, healthier oceans. It is hard to speculate, but I do believe it would be very different.

Then also, what about the general consciousness? Would people be less blood thirsty? Possibly less wars and killing?

I have always been amazed at the different look vegans and even vegetarians have; So often when I meet people with very clear eyes and a glowing complexion they are vegan or vegetarian –that tells its own story.

I don’t believe that the masses will change overnight; in fact, I think it will take a long time for the masses to realise the realities of consuming and wearing animal products. However as the light of veganism grows, I know that it will naturally attract more and more people, and in time big changes will happen.

As our consciousness of a gentler life grows and gets stronger, so it will naturally spread and the next step of the evolution of mankind will unfold. I can see no other way, and I am sure that in a few generations people would find it hard to believe that there was a time that not everyone was vegan.

And so we must continue to change the world, each in our own way.

I do it 1 Irene’s Gourmet vegan product at a time!

Have a meaningful world vegan day!


-Irene Margolis